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Laser Shaft Alignment, Pump & Coupling Alignment Services, UK

Laser alignment is an essential part of any maintenance regime for all rotating machines. Machine life can be dramatically extended, and unexpected machine failure can be conversely reduced by employing a laser alignment regime.

Approximately 50% of all rotating machine breakdowns can be attributed to shaft misalignment. This statement is true even for flexible couplings which are specifically designed for misalignment. It is a common misconception that flexible couplings will withstand a relatively large amount of misalignment, whereas in fact, they are only designed to accept minimal misalignment.

The most common causes of rotating machine failure are seal failure or bearing failure, which generally give little or no warning of imminent failure. The failure of such components results in unexpected downtime, component replacement costs and repair costs, meaning that shaft misalignment is an expensive and unnecessary problem. Misalignment also increases machine vibration, which in turn can result in fatigue of machine components and ultimately their failure.

The benefits of adopting good laser shaft alignment practice are improved machine operating life, therefore ensuring plant availability when production requires.

Accurately aligned machinery results in:

  • Improved plant reliability
  • Reduced replacement parts costs
  • Reduced labour costs
  • Reduced power consumption
  • Reduced need for standby plant
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