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Hot Tapping & Live Drilling Services, UK

Hot tapping is a system used to provide a valved branch from a live mains pipe, without the need for isolation. This method eliminates downtime caused through isolation. It also provides an option where isolation cannot be achieved. When you use our company for hot tapping services it means that in the future your pipes or tanks can be in operation whilst the machines are receiving maintenance or they’re being modified.

Under pressure live drilling and hot tapping can have major benefits to your company including improving customer service due to there being no interruption to your services, the risk of contamination in the pipes or tanks being reduced, a reduced risk of discolouration incidents and much more.

Our reputation as a specialist hot tapping and live drilling company is maintained by consistently providing an excellent level of service to every customer. We have gained a reputation throughout the UK for being extremely efficient, professional and providing an exceptional solution to live drilling and hot tapping at a competitive price.

We can install branches in the following materials:

  • Cast and Ductile IronHot Tapping
  • Carbon and Stainless Steel
  • Asbestos Cement

We can also provide ferrules up to 1″BSP which allow sample points or small off takes to be inserted under pressure. In addition Quadrina nipples up to 2″BSP can be inserted into a main under pressure, which also allow sampling, but have the added advantage of allowing probes or lances to be inserted into the main.

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