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Cold Cutting & Pipe Cutting Services, UK

Cold Cutting is a safe system of cutting and which produces a precise cut which requires no grinding or reworking. The cutter is powered using a portable hydraulic unit which has a built in petrol generator. The cutter is carefully driven Cold Cuttinginto the pipe wall, the drive is then engaged, which automatically tracks around the pipe cutting as it goes.

We can cut up to 1800mm OD and up to 50mm wall thickness in the following pipework materials.

  • Cast and Ductile Iron
  • Clay and Concrete
  • UPVC and MDPE
  • Underground Installations
  • Joole Site Services have the capabilities to install in line underground equipment including Static Mixers, Flowmeters, Valves and Underground Pipework
  • Utilising our flow stopping and cold cutting services we can offer a turn-key mechanical service.
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